Sunday, March 25, 2012

{thanK you notes}

{Edit: I wrote most of this last week, but didn't get a chance to post it. Today, after I had an interesting chat at church with a lady about people not being thankful,
 I had to finish it up and post it!!)

After reading this article I was once again prompted that I hadn't yet sent out birthday or Christmas gift Thank You notes. One would think that writing thank you notes would be a simple task especially when one has been brought up to write said notes, and that writing notes would be especially easy when one has been in the habit of it in the past. But for some reason I have been slacking in this area lately.

Last year I blogged my thank you notes as well, but I did it in a much, much more timely fashion.

Please forgive my tardiness.

  • Dear Jess & Luke, Thank you, thank you for the workout bag. I use it (almost) everyday and it has been a necessary and helpful tool for my work outs 3-5 times each week.  Thank you also for the "How to Eat for $2 Day" book. I read the introduction and have skimmed some of the recipes. There are lots of good ideas and helpful tips! Thank you!!

  • Dear  Carsten  -   The pictures you colored for me are my favorite! :) Thank you, CarJack!

  • Dear Jen, Eric and gang, So the weight lifting book you got, I haven't read it yet. I am thankful that you got it for me and I plan to dive into soon-ish. I'm currently focusing my work outs on consistency of when I do it and once I nail down the habit, I'm going to branch out on what I do for my work outs. This book will give me a great start to that next step so thank you!!

  • Dear  Mom & Dad, Well, you certainly know the way to this little girl's heart - cold hard cash, er, plastic! Thank you for the cash gift card. It was definitely a help...especially with the price of gas these days! Also, it was such a delight to travel only 2 hours to your house for Christmas. All of us enjoyed the short drive this year instead of the 9 hour drive. The family fun was memorable and the food was yummy! Thanks, too, for the small red crockAnd I'm really sad, but I kinda broke the lid already... :(

  • Dear Meg & Jake and Lily - The instructions in the card said "try something new this year" and so the Starbucks gift card was a fun idea! But, no, I didn't get coffee :) I did take a friend out for coffee and that was fun and kind of different ;) Thanks for the gift!

  • Dear Anna, Thank you for the Amazon gift card. I was able to purchase several e-books and songs which was great!!!! 

  • Dear Landlords, You're not going to believe it (especially since I almost don't), but the beautiful red poinsettia you gave me at the beginning of December is still alive. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness! I don't have a green thumb, but I enjoy the challenge of seeing how long I can keep a plant from drowning to death (my usual MO).

  • Dear Morgen Rae, Thank you for the painted snowman. He's very cute! I'll think you often when I see it on my shelf. Also, the pictures you colored for me are my favorite! :) You're such an artist! Thank you, Mo'gen!

How about you? did you send out Thank You notes or blog them?!
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