Monday, March 9, 2020

Lady D

This popped up in my journal entry for 2 years ago. I’m sure I sent it to my dear friend, but I couldn’t find a way to reshare it so I’m reviving the old blog to send her a link.

When I was 5 and in kindergarten, I met this girl. She was one of my classmates and also a neighbor of a boy in our class. That’s about all I remember of her from that year.   
When I was 13, I met her again because she came back to our school. She was taller than me and she was fun and adventurous! I had spent the majority of elementary school being the tallest girl, so her being taller made me feel so much better about fitting in with my classmates. The other 2 the things (fun and adventurous) I would not have said about myself so I was especially glad to know such a person!   
We seemed to always have things to laugh about and with her there by my side, she made junior high so much better. She was warm and caring and always had an encouraging word for me. Her kind words spoke to my soul. As a poet and good writer herself, it was through her influence I chose “writer” that year when we had to pick a future occupation.   
She had a huge crush on an older boy, and I was always amazed at how openly she discussed said crush. I would hardly whisper the name of the boy I liked and here she was writing poems and letters about hers. The hilarious stories we made up about the two of them were pretty epic! Those were some fun times!! #pickles  
We went to high school together and our friendship grew. Even when I was gone for sophomore year, our friendship continued through letters. I was glad to come back for our junior and senior years. Those years solidified our sweet friendship - for life. I have fond memories of our senior trip. Exploring new places with friends is something I cherish.   
College had us going off to pursue different things at different places but we still wrote letters and occasionally called (neither of us are phone people). Now even with the twists and turns of life, we have manage to deepen our friendship. Miles separate us today, but our friendship remains even after 37 years. I believe we’ll still say that after another 37 years!  
I love you, Danna Dear! Happy birthday!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

{10-Day Do Over Challenge}

New year's resolutions can be tough to keep. This year I'm changing it up a bit and approaching my usual list of yearly goals differently by participating in a 10-day challenge hosted by Jon Acuff. I also combined the first day's assignment with coming up with one word for the year.

Here's the first day's assignment:

Thursday, June 12, 2014

{Gotcha Day!} & Now Introducing...

...the Four Forman Brothers:

So glad to be celebrating this special day. I've been waiting and waiting to share these little faces and names!

Elijah John (5), Vincent Sheldon (3), Isaiah Frenzy (2), Joshua Isaac (9 months)

Jess and Luke first brought home Elijah, Vincent & Isaiah two years ago in March 2012. Isaiah was one week and a few days old. Isaiah birth name was Frenzy, but with the adoption came his name change.

We have celebrated several birthdays and all kinds of other special days, but today's celebration TAKES THE CAKE!

Welcome to your forever family, Forman brothers!