Wednesday, January 5, 2011

thank you notes

It's been kind of busy around here-what with all my days off and now I'm back to work-canyoubelieveit?! So now I'm getting around to my Thank You notes from all the gifts I got for my birthday and Christmas. I am handwriting some of these for the non-blog friends, but for the rest of you, here goes!
Dear Liz B - My niece and I really enjoyed the delicious muffins you left at my door! What a treat! :) Thanks, neighbor!!

Dear Dan & Tracy - My niece and I (also) really enjoyed the delicious hot chocolate you gave me in that cute jar! You should have seen the chocolate-y mess we were after slurping the remaining chocolate chips that were melted on the bottom of the cup! Yum! :D

Dear Laurel - The poinsettia you gave me is still alive! :) I love it! I think they’re great gifts, but I’ve never bought one for ME! Thank you so much, my co-worker & friend!!

Dear Lindsay - What to buy, what to buy?! So many options on how to spend the ITunes gift card, I haven’t made up my mind yet!! I’ll take suggestions!

Dear Jess, Luke & Anna - A converter box!! Just what every girl dreams of! Thanks for helping take a way my winter blues I can watch TV again!! :) P.S. I even hooked it up myself! Believe it!

Dear Jake, Meg & Lily - thank you for the Target gift card for my birthday!! I bought some new socks to keep me warm the rest of this winter! I’m so glad you got to come up and spend so much time here this Christmas. Hopefully I can plan a trip to NC sometime soon!

Dear Jen, Eric & Co - Y’all throw great birthday parties! Thanks so much for mine ;) I love my new gloves - I wear them a lot these days!! Oh, and thank you, thank you for the DVD player for Christmas! My movie watching experiences are, oh, so much more enjoyable when it doesn’t stop playing in the middle of the movie!! P.S. I’m now quite the techno pro (NOT!), so I hooked it up myself! ;)

Dear Whiz - Ah-so! Thank you for the Korean gifts - I’m still debating if I should use the purse or save it :) ...I think I’ll use it! Glad you’re back for a visit and could take our family pictures too!! Thanks for spending some of your precious moments with us Flamings!!

Dear Anna G - The Carmel PD marketing materials were awesome! I'm already using the key chain!! I'm stocked for a long while on pens now too, thanks to you! You're the best ;)
Dear Mom & Dad - You’re time here in Minneapolis was short/long/short - what I mean is that the time Mom was sick was probably really “long” to you but the bookending-”well” days were short. We did manage to squeeze some fun in though, eh?! (Bowling, pictures, presents and more!) Thanks for the framed song, I’m still deciding where to hang it, but I think I’ll put it next to the quilt hanging that matches my bed quilt.

Lots of love, b~
What about you? Did you handwrite Thank You notes, send an email or FB message, say "Thanks" at the time of receiving, or none of the above?!

P.S I can hardly believe it, but I forgot a thank you note!

Dear Luke - please forgive me for not remembering to write a thank you for the Bath & Body gift card you gave me for Christmas! Oh, trust me, I've already spent it! stocking upon lotions and soap, of course! Thank you, thank you!!
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