Friday, September 13, 2013

{Summer Highlights}

Summertime, summertime, sum-sum, summertime! Summertime, summertime, sum-sum, summertime...well, that's about all I know of that song - and you're welcome!!

It's been a great summer for me! In the past several years, I don't know that I would have said that about summer. You see, when you're an adult and you don't work in school/education settings, you tend to forget about summer-vacation or nice weather to enjoy. Well, I do, anyway...

But this summer for me was a bit different. 

With my renewed focus* that I found at Fit Body, I actually enjoyed a bit of the summer feel! Was there more that I could have done? Probably. Were there different activities that could have been enjoyed? Most definitely. But I know this summer I put forth my best foot and now looking back, I'm very pleased! 

So you've probably been waiting - holding your breath - for me to update you on my goal progress. Am I right?! ...Haha! 

So without further ado...

As you may recall I mentioned that I was going to do 6 weeks of Jillian Michaels' video to replace my Fit Body workouts. As of today I've actually completed 7 weeks. Two of the weeks weren't what I would consider full weeks, so I decided to add a week for good measure. 

As of this week I'm down exactly 6 lbs from the end of July. (Wow! seeing that in writing makes me very excited!!)

Since the end of July I'm also down a combined 3.5 inches. The inches measurement is not as accurate as when I did the Fit Body assessment since I am now measuring myself.

Overall, it's been a win on the scale and off:
  • A couple of weeks ago I went over to my parents in Spooner for the weekend and my mom refitted a bunch of my clothes so I could wear them a bit longer. Some items didn't work out as planned, but she worked her alteration magic on many of my clothes! I hope to get a few more miles out of the clothes I have before breaking the budget for new things.
  • Recently I was able to pick up a few new-to-me things at Good Will. Thrift store shopping has never been a favorite of mine, but I did find a great store that I felt comfortable in!
  • I've not turned into a runner yet, but I have done some more jogging.

What's next?!

Next week, I'm set to begin another video of Jillian's. I plan to do another 6 week and hopefully you'll see an update or two in there, but I'm not promising anything...

Speaking of summer fun...

I'm thankful for getting to go to two Twins games this season. Both times the weather was fantastic!

Twins Game with Nephew Ethan - 4/26/13
Twins Game with Nephew Carsten - 9/7/13 

And the best part about looking at these two pictures is that I'm wearing a size smaller in my jeans! Yep! :-)

*I recently realized (after reading some comments on a friends fb status) that it was focus that I gained from my experience with Fit Body. I used to get so bored while working out and I didn't really like it. Now, I get in, do what I need to, and get out. Love it!

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