Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{Goal Post}

Do you have any summer challenges or goals?

A lot of blogs I read are talking about summer and goals and trips and fun. I need to work on the trips and fun part, but I do have two, make that three, goals for this summer: 

  1. Read/listen to entire Bible - I'm using 90 day YouVersion Bible reading plan. I like the option to listen to it on my Kindle Fire!
  2. Complete 6 week fitness boot camp. I usually go to my gym at work - for FREE! but a while back I decided to sign up for a boot camp as soon as my student loan was paid off. Well, as luck would have it, a friend posted a link to a boot camp that was starting a new promotion next week. I was able to try it out last night and while I'm still sore, I think I can hack it!
  3. Get crackin' on a plan to accomplish other goals I made at the beginning of the year! Since I've been so focused on the student loan payoff, I've let some other goals slip to the shadows. I know I have much to celebrate in the goal accomplishing department as I have officially scheduled my last student loan payment for Monday, June 17. This has been on my ToDo list for way too long. But now that it's done, I don't want to lose sight of a few other things I want to get done this year as well.
I posted the above goals on Facebook, and now a blog post, so I can't change my mind...or back out now or when things get a little tough in the next 3 months. Yikes!

I'll try to keep you posted on my progress in each of the three goals.

And hey, if you're wondering how to set a goal, this is a good tip I discovered in the last couple of years:

Let me know what goals you're working on for the summer, the week, the month, the year...!
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