Wednesday, April 3, 2013

{Daily Grind}

I've written before about what I do at theJob. Here's a glimpse of a day in the office that I journaled about today and thought you might enjoy reading too (names have been changed to protect...).

Work has been crazy busy lately. Seems like I say that a lot at the beginning of my journal entries...

I guess since January 2nd when I got back from a few days of vacation, we just hit the ground running. Of course we've had some bumps along the way: vacation time for Boss2, Lynnette, and me always messes with our groove, but also Lynnette was sick, and 3 co-worker's have lost family members recently (Lynnette's mom, Planner2's grandmother, and now Sabrina's grandmother). 

When Boss2 hasn't been in the office, he's had back-to-back meetings like crazy. I barely know who's coming and going. 

All this together makes for crazy. Have I said it's crazy around here?!

I keep a running total of all new money that I process and since January Boss2 has brought in almost 1/3 of our yearly goal. I have no idea what Boss1 and Advisor1 have brought in, but even if it's half of what Boss2 brought in, that's half of what we need for the year to get our bonus! (They're gonna up our requirement if we keep this pace going!) Oh, and Boss2 still has quite a bit in the works too, and in the last 3 days I prepped paperwork for 6 new acccounts. It just keeps coming!! 

I'm thrilled about how well the business is going (and extra thrilled that the market has been good!), but the busyness does stress and pull me a bit. On Monday I worked until 6:30. Yesterday and today I worked until 5:30 - I only left because I couldn't take anymore, and I knew it would be there tomorrow! 

Inspite of the crazy I got a chance to dig in a bit to an on going project of transferring a chunk of Boss2's clients to Advisor2. (Boss2 has been working with a business coach and was told today he can't take any new clients the rest of the year. His plate really is too full. And you wonder why I'm stressed?!) Anyway, back to my's a multi-multi-step project and will probably take me a year and a half to complete, but I got a big step done today that really just takes a lot of time - pulling reference #s for 180 accounts and entering them into an Excel spreadsheet.

Additionally, I got to show off my "make this pretty" talent by re-working an exhibit for Boss2. Sabrina had started it, but since she was out of the office for her grandmother's funeral and Boss2 needed some things added for a meeting tomorrow morning, I got to finish it. As I got going on it, I ended up changing the entire layout to make it work better with the content.

Boss2's exclamation of how much he liked my work was very nice to hear. Kinda made me sail through the rest of the day - what was left, anyway. 

I so wish I could do things like this all the time!! I don't really like being the main people greeter, phone answerer, phone call maker, and form generator... Now that may sound as if I don't like my job, but really I do. I generally appreciate the variety, but I do wish that variety included a heavy dose of "make this pretty" tasks! :)

What's your favorite or least favorite thing to do at your job?
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