Thursday, June 26, 2008

do you know what i do?

A few people have asked me what I do, so I thought I'd share what my role is as a Client Service Associate at theJob*. We recently talked about our roles in a quarterly meeting and were given the assignment to update our roles. Here's what I came up with:

Client Service Associate

Primary Responsibilities
• Process business efficiently.
• Assist with clients with service needs.
• Keep advisors updated with issues and resolutions.
• Helping to keep filing system clean and orderly.

Additional Responsibilities
• Communicate with clients regularly via phone, email, mass mailings, etc.
• Compliance liaison.
• Communicate with advisors and other staff.
• Record office procedures (update Book of Knowledge).

Measure of Success
• Transfers done in a timely fashion.
• Client retention and satisfaction.
• Completed tasks at end of day.

Risks Exposed To
• Reduction or loss of bonus.
• Loss of clients due to poor service.

Rewards Desired
• Feel part of a team.
• Have a guaranteed pay check coming in every month.
• Have set hours to work.
• Completed tasks at end of day.

Job Enjoyment
• Create/update documents for external and internal use.
• Completion of tasks.

*theJob = Company name change to protect the innocent
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