Sunday, April 8, 2012

{7 Things to Know}

This week’s edition of 7 Things to Know...

  1. After 8 consecutive 7Things posts, I missed 2 weeks in a row!
  2. Jess and Luke have had a few busy weeks adjusting to three kiddos taking over their house: zero to three in short order. I've been able to help out on occasion as it's quite an operation to run the household containing three kids and two working adults - seems there's always something happening: meal prep, diaper changing, napping, crying, playing, snacking, drinking, laundry, sleeping, bottle feeding, snuggling, reading, racing, throwing, quiet time, movie time and the list goes on! Oh, and you probably already know, many of these things can happen simultaneously! 
  3. A good friend was in town last week for a regional work meeting. Pam and I went to the Macy's flower show downtown. I've lived here 5 years, but I had never even been in to Macy's downtown. I was excited to be a tourist for the evening!
  4. Be sure to check out the YouTube videos from our recent Deo Cantamus concert! You can view them here.
  5. Work has been extra busy lately. The two biggest things have been coordinating and conducting 11 initial interviews for a new hire and processing business like it's pre-2009. I still have three, initial interviews this coming week, and I'm in the process of scheduling second interviews (but I won't be conducting them). 
  6. My workouts have been less than stellar - I only got two in this week, two last week, and two the week before. I had been doing so well with an average of 4 times a week!  
  7. I'm hanging out with my parents this weekend. It's nice to get away for a couple of days. It's even nicer that they are coming to the Cities next week! Dad's doing some chaplain training and Mom's taking care of some Grandma duties :)

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Make it a great week!

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