Saturday, March 10, 2012

Springtime in MinneSnowta

Saturday was a gorgeous spring-like day. And yes, highly unusual for these here parts. I've lived in the Midwest many years and can't recall a time when it's been this warm so soon. 65 degrees on March 10th. It was awesome!

After Deo rehearsal and after my parents headed back home, I took Carsten for a walk at East Medicine Lake. With such great weather, there was absolutely no reason not to go outside and enjoy the day.

We had a grand time avoiding puddles and not avoiding puddles as there were many melting snow piles.

At the end of our walk we discovered a huge puddle by the playground area so we decided to make little boats and see how they would float. I just happened to have an old magazine in my car that we could use to rip pages out to make the boats. Of course, I have to thank my phone and Google as I didn't remember how to make them so I looked it up online. We had zero success with our boats floating very far, but we had a lot of fun together.
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