Sunday, February 12, 2012

{7 Things to Know}

As a way to hopefully increase my blogging, I started a new feature called 7 Things to Know. I plan to post this each Sunday.

  1. This is a question weighing heavily on my mind and it seems to becoming up more and more! Should I hold out for an iPad 2 ($499 or $449 on sale...) or just get a Kindle ($79 or $199 Kindle Fire)...? I know I wouldn't buy the iPad until the end of the year at the earliest, but I know I would use the Kindle today if I had it!
  2. I typed the previous early in the week and then I got a phone call - well, two phone calls actually - that are helping me decide when to get a Kindle and which one. So remember my first 7 Things post...when I mentioned Well, it turns out they are working with some research company who wants to pay me $75 to come in for an hour and review a smartphone app for them. Uh, letmethinkaboutthat...yeah, I think I can do that!! (Never mind that the patch-job on my 1996 exhaust pipe has decided 3 months was long enough to stay on as a temporary fix, now sounds like I added a glass-pack to my muffler, that I should be out car shopping and saving every penny...)
  3. We're working on hiring a new person at work. Lots to do yet: figure out what the person is going to do (my boss has a list in his head!); buy new computer(s); set up office space (i.e. me make list and order more supplies); post the job (first with our affiliate company and not sure where else yet); I'm sure I'll have more to add in the coming days...
  4. I mentioned before that I track my workouts through My Fitness Pal. It's really come in handy to help me stay motivated. The end of last week I started a new program on the elliptical machine and am now trying to increase my calorie burning each time. From last Friday to this Friday I increased my calories by 23. I'm hoping to increase by that much and more by next Friday.
  5. My co-worker has been putting off a project - I should send this link. Two ideas from the article stuck out to me: the six-box to do list and make an appointment for yourself.
  6. Blogs and articles about organization and how to do my work better always interest me, but blogs and articles about lists make me down-right giddy! #listnerd 
  7. Since I work in the financial planning arena, here's answers to 5 retirement questions you may have. You may or may not be interested to know that question #3 about RMDs pertains to a big part of my job. I have almost 100 accounts that I keep track of all year long to make sure the RMD gets calculated and distribution are made.
Hope you learned something new today!

Happy Sunday!
Have a great week!!

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