Sunday, February 5, 2012

{7 Things to Know}

As a way to hopefully increase my blogging, last week I started a new feature called 7 Things to Know. I plan to post this each Sunday.
  1. Here's a lesson on how to pray that I am still working on learning. 
  2. Wednesday was change your password day. Did you change your passwords?
  3. I've been mulling it over for about a month: I need to quit drinking pop. Ok, I'm going to make it official and say that I am quitting. Who's with me?! There are other beverages out there that will quench my thirst just fine. I need to have less sugar any way. I might have to try some of these ideas.
  4. Have you ever gone to bed with bad attitude? One night this past week I was really struggling and I know it was just one thing that set me off, but I couldn't shake it: I tried. I tried again. I moved on and then something else set me off. I finally prayed about what I was struggling with and decided to go to bed after journal-ing a bit about how I was feeling. The next morning I woke up with a better attitude, but swollen eyes :/ Later that day I read this post. I appreciate this author's honesty and his way of tackling problems: with lists! :)
  5. Hanging out with my nephews and niece are 3 reasons I live in Minneapolis.
  6. I can be a football fan, but I choose not to be. I watched a bit of the big game with it on mute. I was happy for the Giants' win, but I enjoyed a movie on Hulu more!
  7. I started reading a book to review called "The Final Hour" - stay tuned for my review blogpost!
Carsten and I decorated cookies on Saturday :)
Three random pics from today: Me & Ethan at lunch; Smoothies for this week's breakfasts; My last day of medicine for my sinus infection!
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