Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jake!

Continuing this past year's tradition...

31 Reasons I love you, Jacob Taylor!
  1. You're my brother. My one. And only. Brother.
  2. You're a tease.
  3. You're smart.
  4. You're good lookin'! 
  5. Your Jake-of-all-trades: teacher, coach, artist, mechanic, technician, handyman...
  6. You married Meg.
  7. You gave me my second niece, Lily Bug (who got your locks of curls!! Will my third niece have curls too?).
  8. You're a great dad to Lily .
  9. Michael Jordan was your first hero.
  10. You were a cute, chubby baby!
  11. You were a cute, nerdy little boy.
  12. You were always our "fish" whenever we were near water.
  13. You're the only one of us with a Masters degree - go Jake!
  14. You like to try new things.
  15. You're creative and crafty.
  16. You're an artist like dad.
  17. You know how to live on a budget.
  18. You're a homeowner.
  19. You can play the piano something fierce.
  20. You never shot me in the neck with your BB gun.
  21. You're tall.
  22. You take great videos of Lily Bug and post them on facebook regularly. (yes, that's a hint too ;)
  23. You're an awesome website designer. wanna fixed my blog?
  24. Even though you went to PCC, yep, I still love ya!
  25. I'm guessing you were the Sega champ of our house growing up - "It's on!"
  26. You're athletic and fit.
  27. You're always up for an adventure.
  28. You live near the beach!
  29. You're a willing helper - always ready to get your hand dirty.
  30. You're a faithful leader.
  31. You've got skills!
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