Sunday, December 18, 2011

ahh...another year older

My sister was the first to post this on her Facebook page and the rest of the family followed suit. I'm copying it here because I really enjoyed it!

Happy 36th Birthday to my sister, Bekah

Posted on Facebook on Sunday, December 18, 2011 at 7:23am

36 reasons why we all love you…

From Dad…
1. You have a tender heart.
2. You were not was Jen:)
3. You send me Deo CDs.
4. You sing soprano.
5. You get the most out of a car
6. You like to read.

From Mom…
7. You have always like to sing in church (I remember when you were little, you put a lot of expression in when you sang in church).
8. You answer my computer questions while I'm at work & you are at work.
9. You sometimes like to sew (pillow cases at least).
10. You enjoy a good challenge for learning.
11. You enjoy cooking & baking.
12. You supply me with good books. (after you've read them - mostly)

From Jen…
13. You take our kids "off our hands" often.
14. You appreciate organization.
15. You are a techie.
16. You make yummy pumpkin bread.
17. You plan ahead.
18. You make our kids feel special and loved.

From Jess…
19. You are a giver.
20. You are hospitable.
21. You like a good game of football.
22. You cooked for me for 2 years.
23. You like inside jokes.
24. You never stop learning new things.

From Jake…
25. You are very creative with pictures.
26. You always could sing more beautifully than me.
27. You make the best BabyRuth Bars.
28. You are the only one I have ever known to have the nickname "Rosco".
29. You forgave me when I put a rock through your car window with the weed eater.
30. You inspire me to want to read books (someday).

From Anna…
31. You helped me learn how to read... At 19.
32. You're the only one I allow to call me Ann
33. Your Kraft Mac & Cheese was always the best after King's Kids!
34. You are a maker of lists!
35. You are our world traveler.
36. You make great snoothies.

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