Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Women of Faith Conference

(This post was written last week but due to my lack of Internet at home I wasn't able to post until's that for another excuse!)

This post is a long time coming (about a month overdue to be more precise). I’m ignoring the pile of dishes left over from my mini-bake fest and postponing my Christmas decorating to write this overdue post. But first maybe I’ll make some tea…be right back!

While the tea was brewing I did put away some clean dishes, but blatantly ignored the pile of dirty baking dishes (all right, there were also a couple of days worth of supper dishes too). Oh, and before you think that I was baker-extraordinaire today, let me clarify that I baked two batches of Trader Joe’s box pumpkin bread into 16 mini loaves and made pancakes for my late lunch. The pumpkin bread is for my co-workers and probably my niece and nephews who love pumpkin bread (but their mom doesn’t like pumpkin so they don’t get it much).

So back to the point of this post…Women of Faith (I last blogged about this here). But first, let me just say, I make some good Flaming Tea – yum!

Some months ago I for the price of a couple of blog post, I received two free tickets to attend the Women of Faith conference in downtown St. Paul’s Xcel Energy Center back in October. Not having ever attended a Women of Faith event, I didn’t have many expectations. The tickets included events on Friday during the day, but since I had no one to go with until the evening I opted not to attend, but now wish I had so I could have heard Dr. Henry Cloud.

So Friday night, my sister-in-law’s sister (and my brother-in-law’s cousin – yup), Lindsay, and I headed to the evening session. We stopped at Smash Burger to use a Groupon Lindsay had picked up a while back and got their in plenty of time to park and get to our seats.

Friday night’s session was mostly introducing us to the speakers and a mini-concert by Natalie Grant. On Saturday I started to take notes on my phone from some of the speakers, but I had technical issues and lost the notes…While all of the speakers had outstanding testimony’s of God’s grace in their lives, two speakers stuck out to me: Lisa Harper, single and age 48, who is working on adopting her first child and Luci Swindol, single and age 79, who has lived a full life and reminded us all to live in the moment. 

One verse that stuck out from the sessions was I Timothy 6:17, “Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy.”

Saturday Lindsay and I ate lunch at Cosetta’s, an authentic Italian restaurant with good slices of pie, and I’m not talking about apple pie!

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