Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jen!

It's Jen's birthday today!! She's my #1 sister and continuing this year's tradition of birthday celebrations, here's...

38 Reasons I Love You, Jen!
  1. You're my #2 mom!
  2. You made me an auntie when you gave me my first beautiful niece!
  3. Oh, and you gave me two handsome nephews!
  4. You've succeeded in your career goals: wife, mom, piano teacher.
  5. You daily demonstrate your faithfulness to God. 
  6. You're the shopper among us!
  7. You found a great partner for life in Eric.
  8. You're not afraid to try new things: 5k, crockpot meals, crocheting, etc., etc., etc.
  9. You'll always be early - not "on time", not late, but early...just like dad!
  10. You might not be the best joke teller, but you let us get excited for you when you do crack a funny!
  11. Through the years you've encourage me to do things I wouldn't have done on my own (ear piercing, leg shaving, fashion trends, moving...)
  12. S-U-P-E-R, Super-dup, that's what you are!
  13. You're one of the main reasons I could listen to/watch piano playing for hours.
  14. You used to be my travel buddy - trains, planes, and automobiles!
  15. Speaking of helped me survive my first year overseas when you came to Guam to visit.
  16. You're known as J'f-nerd, but that's just your name - you can't help it! ;)
  17. I like to think that sometimes you copy me, but really I'm just copying you!
  18. You're an excellent party planner!
  19. You're an inspirational home decorator.
  20. You inherited a green thumb from come I didn't get one?
  21. We can always count on you to have your camera. It might not have charged batteries, but you have your camera!
  22. You're generous.
  23. You're not an animal lover...poor Snickers!
  24. You look like mom.
  25. You always have a plan.
  26. Did I mention you are quite the shopper?!
  27. You are a smart dresser and a great date (i.e. work dinner at Fogo and work anniversary gala).
  28. You're a leader among your peers and your friends.
  29. You're taller than me. (What?! I need tall people around me to reach the stuff on the top shelf!)
  30. You're a good cook!
  31. We got to go the same college.
  32. You're a world traveler: Mexico, New Zealand, Guam.
  33. You're a fierce competitor when it comes to Racko...dare I say, champion?!
  34. You have common sense and an excellent sense of direction.
  35. You like Princess Di.
  36. You're newly conscientious about dangerous toxins.
  37. You're kind, loving, caring, helpful.
  38. You're my sister!

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