Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy 32nd Birthday, Jess!

It's Jess's birthday today!! She's my #2 sister and continuing this year's tradition of birthday celebrations, here's...

32 Reasons I Love You, Jess!
  1. You're the middle child. ...If you weren't, Jake and I would have to duke it out! ;)
  2. You had the reddest hair in the family until Lily came a long!
  3. You're courageous.
  4. You love participating in athletics.
  5. You work hard and know how to get the job done.
  6. You're strong willed.
  7. You're our very own Joanne Liebler - so glad you found your Dean Johnson ;-)
  8. You're a licensed foster parent - can't wait to be a foster aunt!
  9. You're a class act. 
  10. You're a wise counselor to your friends and family.
  11. You don't give fashion advise.
  12. You're an expert Flaming Tea maker. (But I don't mind if you practice more on me.)
  13. You know God's Word and you share it.
  14. You're low maintenance.
  15. You do impersonations well.
  16. You're not embarrassed easily...unless you wake up in the emergency room...
  17. You're a loving aunt to our shared nieces and nephews.
  18. You have a servants heart.
  19. You listen well.
  20. You're a good coach.
  21. You're respected by many.
  22. You were a great condo mate.
  23. You love Jet's pizza - any pizza, really! You'd eat pizza for any meal.
  24. You know how to pick 'em! ...Thanks for giving me a cool B-I-L!
  25. You're determined to do what's right.
  26. You taught me the one basketball play I know.
  27. You're not afraid to make a mistake.
  28. You talk in your sleep. Whaaah-t?! it's cute!
  29. You've kept your first real job for a long time.
  30. You're good with them numbers and figures and such.
  31. You look like our mom.
  32. You're my sister and friend!
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