Sunday, July 17, 2011

{Old Friends}

I just found this blog post not posted!! What?! It was a such an awesome day - I can't believe I didn't post this?!! Please enjoy!


A week ago Friday (July 8) I had the unique opportunity to see three childhood/college friends: Jody Erdmann Kalata and Keith & Kimmy Cashner (and boys). I've known Jody since 2nd or 3rd grade and I've known Keith (aka Keifer) since I was 4 1/2 when we moved to Watertown. I've known Kimmy since college (I roomed with her crazy, fun sister, Val, for 1/2 a semester!).

Jody had Facebook messaged me that she would be in town and we finally put it together that she would actually be attending a conference right across the street from my work as well as staying in the hotel where I park my car everyday! We made tentative plans to meet for dinner sometime while she was in town but didn't confirm the date. That week came and I was beginning to wonder if it would work out. 

By Thursday afternoon I still hadn't heard for sure if we were going to meet but I happened to see on Facebook that Keith & Kimmy were on their way to the Mall of America that night. There were actually arriving in town Thursday night and planned to go to MOA for the day on Friday. I wrote that they should come downtown to meet for lunch and that I was trying to get together with Jody as well. 

I heard from Jody after work on Thursday and we made plans that would try to get off at 2:30 when she had some free time in the conference schedule. I went to work hoping I would be able to contact one of two bosses who were both out of the office that day. I

We ended up hanging out until almost 6 - first at Starbucks and then in the hotel lobby where we went down memory lane with my scrapbook of pictures.

Great time visiting with the 5 Cashner Ks tonight at Kokomo Cafe at MOA!

Kade - a special buddy from the moment we met. He's a hugger!!

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