Thursday, May 5, 2011

{newsy notes} Part 1

Lately I haven’t had much from the USPS mailman, and it got me to thinking: maybe I should write more letters...hmmm...

Well, that's not likely so I hope these notes put a smile on your face and make you want to run home, pull out the ol’ paper and pen and send me lots o’ letters!

Dear Sebring, Thank you for getting me to and from work each day and all the other places you take me. At ~148,000 miles in 15 years (that’s ~68,000 miles in 6 years with yours truly), I believe your almost ready for retirement -- we’ll have a party soon, I promise! Party date and location: TBA.

Dear Anti-lock Brake Light, Thanks for going off today as the streets were wet and there was a chance I might actually need the anti-lock brake system. Normally I do enjoy how you and Check Engine Light brighten up my dash!!

Dear Traffic, Thank you for getting out of my way when I needed to merge. I didn’t want to bring out my south-of-Chicago-learned driving skills, but I would of, if I had to...Yo, Westside!!

Dear Vincent A Restaurant (French - oui, oui! ...or si, si!, according to the English to French dictionary), yesterday your $14, The Vincent Burger was delicious and filling: so delicious and filling I didn't finish the fries! Not sure I would have chosen you on the menu description alone (Ground Beef, Braised Short Ribs, Smoked Gouda), but two fist pumps for the assist (a.k.a. recommendation) by compliance branch manager, Cindy!! So glad I didn't have to pay the $14!

Dear Camera, Wow! I haven’t pulled you out since, well, I’m not sure when...Christmas?! My phone has been an acceptable replacement with it’s easy Facebook sharing features and, well, I just am too lazy to make sure you, Camera, have charged batteries, too! But I did pull out last Sunday for the kids' choirs at church last Sunday, so thanks for standing by!

Part 2 coming up soon!
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