Friday, May 6, 2011

{newsy notes} Part 2

As you may have read I've been feeling a little mailman-neglected and decided I need to start writing more letters. Here's more, enjoy!

Dear Credit Card Debt, Just 3 more slightly chunky payments and you’re all gone! I’m excited, not gonna lie! Then I'm on to the ol’ school loan--you’re going down!!

Dear Hair, It's been 3 looong months since your last cut. Please be mindful to stay smooth and manageable as there are a few more months before you will see scissors! Oh, and would you mind not growing any more gray? Thanks.

Dear Future Car, No, I’m not talking about a futuristic car. I mean the future car I’m going to own in the near, near future. Yes, You! (I’m really hoping Future Car is not, You!) Anywhoo, hope you’re resting up for some road trips!!

Dear Slaves Interns, Only a few more weeks and then you are ours--for 3 months! Hope you’re ready to learn all about the financial planning industry by reviewing client documents (a.k.a. scanning!). Don’t worry, Boss has many other projects to throw in the mix!

Dear Mo’gen, Thanks for spending last weekend with me. It was fun hanging out with you and doing whatever you wanted -- including a trip to Target where you asked for everything you saw! Can’t believe you’re about to turn 7!! Didn’t I tell you not to grow up?!

Dear Lily Bug, You're soooo cute - I could eat you up!! When you come to visit me, I'll be sure to make you a strawberry and banana smoothie (your cousins looove them and practically demand that I make them!). We'll also work on you saying my name ;-) Lots of love, Auntie beK <3
Got a stamp?!

Oh, and I think I'll post some pics soon so stay tuned!
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