Friday, March 18, 2011

what happened in March 1951?

Today is a special day for my Dad - he turns 60! In case you were wondering what was going on 60 years ago, here's a peak at March 1951:

Tuesday 06: The trial of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg begins.

Wednesday 07: In Korea, United Nations troops led by General Matthew Ridgeway begin an assault against Chinese forces.

Monday 12: The Dennis the Menace comic strip appears in newspapers across the USA for the first time.

Wednesday 14: Korean War: For the second time, United Nations troops recapture Seoul.

Sunday 18: Darrel Lloyd Flaming is born the Flaming Family.

Friday 30: Remington Rand delivers the first UNIVAC I computer to the United States Census Bureau.

Can you add anything else to this list?

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