Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday, Dad!

Here Are 60 Reasons Why I Love You, Dad:

1. You’re my dad!

2. You encourage me in my strengths and challenge my weaknesses.

3. You get me.

4. You’re practical.

5. You’re a teacher.

6. You’re faithful to your responsibilities.

7. You’re thoughtful.

8. You sacrificed much to put me through a Christian school.

9. You’re there for me whenever I need you.

10. You’re my moving van - one man & a truck.

11. Your wisdom has helped me with many decisions.

12. You’re creative.

13. You’re strong.

14. You’re quiet.

15. You are unchanging.

16. You’re not ashamed to say “I don’t know.”

17. You like driving.

18. Your hair looks good no matter what.

19. Deep down, I believe you are adventurous.

20. You are honest.

21. You love Mom.

22. You taught me that education matters.

23. You are patient.

24. You forget clothing items or shoes for big trips so you have to get new ones!

25. You listen to me.

26. You love me.

27. Your kind heart.

28. You made me believe I could do anything.

29. The values in which you instilled in me.

30. You don’t know much about fixing cars, but you love 'em!

31. You taught me to love to sing.

32. You like Cowboy music.

33. You’re other name is “Fred”.

34. You taught me right from wrong.

35. You are always there when I was ready to ask for help.

36. You supported my decisions, even when they were dumb.

37. Your strong work ethic.

38. Your willingness to help others, asking nothing in return.

39. You could always talk/relate to older people really well - and now you are one! :)

40. Any daughter would be lucky to call you Dad and I can.

41. You’re a gentleman.

42. I have fun memories of watching dad work

43. You love Jesus.

44. You taught me how to swing a bat, throw a baseball, and shoot a basketball.

45. You work hard on the job and at home.

46. You pray me and my siblings.

47. You’re very clean and organized, and you showed me how to be like that.

48. You want me to do what’s right.

49. You make a good Laurel or Hardy.

50. You continually seek the Lord for direction in his job and personal ministry.

51. You enjoy music (and musicals!).

52. You now own a gun (or two).

53. You got the best groceries when you went to the store fore mom.

54. You make me laugh.

55. You look out for me.

56. You listen to classical music.

57. You’re smile is sweet.

58. You like taking road trips.

59. You’re an artist.

60. And you’re the best dad for me!!

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