Sunday, March 13, 2011

{Dear Jesus} my prayer this week

 Dear Jesus, thank You for loving me...
for staying beside me, for holding me up when I fall. Please give me an open mind and an open heart. Let me see things as You see them. Show me what’s truth. Show me where I am wrong. Open the doors You want me to walk through, and close the ones that lead to places You don’t want me to be.
Please bless my efforts to improve my finances. Multiply my resources, and bless me so I may be a blessing to others. Most important, line up my thoughts with Your thoughts. Help me forgive myself for the mistakes of my pat, and forgive others for mistakes against me, just as You forgive me for all my sins as soon as I ask. I release the mistakes of yesterday, and I receive the blessing You have for me today.
 In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.
I'm reading "Your Money God's Plan" by Amie Streater and hope to post a book review about it when I'm done! It started out as just a book review, but its turning into a Bible Study - lots of Scripture to look up! It's great!!!

“Amie Streater…delivers a powerful message of common sense and biblical wisdom that today’s churchgoers desperately need.” - Dave Ramsey
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