Sunday, March 13, 2011

Faith Minute and Google Reader

I hear the Faith Minute program on the radio most mornings on my way to work. The past couple of mornings he's been talking about work.

Sometimes just hearing something doesn't mean it stays with me (especially in the morning) so this morning I tried hard to remember to go to their website and add it to my Google Reader - this way I'll be able to hear and read! (I'm a visual learner after all...)

Today this part really stuck out to me (especially in light of yesterday's "rant" - as my dad called it :)
"Avoid always blaming others for what is wrong. Become the employee who contributes rather than complains."
Read the full article here.

Since I already mentioned my Google Reader subscriptions, let me take another few minutes to highlight some recent favorites:
  • Michael Hyatt featured a guest post on What Cheap Grace May be Costing Your Organization. "Cheap grace—the kind that allows for bad behavior to flourish unnoticed—is more expensive than you might think. It costs you, your employees, and your relationships. May it be that we dare to lovingly confront, hoping for confession and reconciliation as we do so."
  • In a newer-blog-to-me, The 99 Percent, I learned Simple Yoga Stretches for Daily De-Stressing. Now before you right it off, I just want you to give it a try. I already added a reminder to my calendar to do this during work. I often get bogged down with work and start feeling crumby. I think this will help me to breath deeper and help me get my work done faster! Try it with me! Let me know how it helps you!
  • Recently someone on Facebook asked what was for, and if it had any value. I happen to subscribe to articles about management per a suggestion from Google Reader, but do not usually get much out of it. However, one recent article was on Meeting Management. Since I attend more than my fair share of meetings, I was interested in the article. The article expanded just a little on the idea of "A meeting has to have: a Purpose, an Agenda and a Timeframe." 
So, what are you reading these days?! Please share, I'd love to add another blog or two to my 157 subscriptions!! :) Seriously, I'm always interested in reading more about God, saving money, getting out of debt, decorating, creative office management, organizing, and much more!!
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