Monday, November 8, 2010

ways to save money

Sure, in theory I'm always interested in saving money. But practically speaking sometimes I just don't try because of the effort it will take. A recent blog post on had 13 ways to save and I think they have some good ideas (read their post first--the list below is my version...).

I especially like the ones I'm already doing or have done!

1. Save money by saving gas. CHECK!
The article suggested checking tire pressure and getting oil changes regularly. I hope that it's enough that they check my tires when I get my oil changed, which happens regularly.

2. Collect all of the change in jars, pockets, drawers and purses and put it to work. CHECK!
I don't carry a lot of cash so I don't really have much change. But when I do, I definitely put it to work - doing my laundry!

3. Use what you have before you buy more. 1/2-CHECK!
I'm generally good with this one too, but with only one person in the house, I get tired of using the same shampoo for 3-6 months, so I don't always do this recommendation.

4. You’ve heard it before…switch to compact fluorescent light bulbs. CHECK!
I started switching when I moved into my apartment. It seems like I changed almost every bulb in the first 6 months.

5. Use rechargeable batteries. TO DO!
Don't have much use for batteries until my niece and nephews come over. Then I wish I had rechargeable batteries!

6. Bottle your own water. CHECK!
Sometime this summer I got a faucet filter for home and a pitcher filter for work. This is a great way to help me drink more water and not spend money on the bottled stuff.

7. While you’re at it, make your own coffee. N/A
Nope, still not a coffee drinker.

8. Hang your laundry. TO DO!
I do this only when I run out of quarters!

9. Quit smoking. N/A
Ok, I don't smoke, but I have quit drinking diet pop at work. That saves money!!

10. Cancel your gym membership. N/A
I've actually contemplated joining a gym many times in the last year or so, but opted not to just to save money!

11. Buy stuff used. CHECK!
My car is used. My computer is used. My TV and couch are on loan from sisters.

12. Sell used stuff. CHECK!
I'm pretty good about using things until they are not usable any longer...:) But if I do have stuff that I don't use, I usually give it away or sell it.

13. Call and ask for discounts. TO DO!
I've actually been thinking about calling my credit card company for a while now. I used to call frequently to make sure I was getting the lowest interest rate. It's been a while since I last called. It's going on my list today!
If I remember, I'll post the rest of the list after they post Part 2.

How did you do? What ways are you saving money? Could you be saving more money?

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