Tuesday, November 9, 2010

more ways to save money

Yesterday I posted how I'm doing with Part 1 so here's my take on Part 2 of Pocketyourdollars.com's 25 ways to save money
14. Use coupons.  1/2 Check!
I'm not the best at this, but I do try. The sad part is I often throw out coupons because they expired! But..wait for it...yep, today I used 3 coupons at Target! Oh, and the bonus is that I also used a gift card!
15. As long as you’re in a coupon mood, use virtual coupons too. 1/2 Check!
Ah, yes, coupon codes. I try to search for these whenever I'm buying anything online, but sometimes I forget...
16. Save on health costs. Check!
My normal M.O. is not to go to the doctor. That saves me tons of money!!
17. If you can’t eliminate something, just reduce it by half. N/A
Most of the suggestions here didn't apply to me. The biggest one is that I don't have cable.
18. Make what you have already work better. N/A
Again, most of the suggestions here didn't apply to me.
19. Swap services with friends and family. Check!
I do babysitting for my sister, but not really for anything in exchange. Also, I've offered assistance to many friends and family in need of resume help. Again, nothing really exchanged. 
20. Maximize the money you already have. Work in progress!
I'm not so sure this advice is that great since savings accounts aren't really offering much in the way of interest...I'd love to save more though.
21. Hold a swap meet. X
Ah, not gonna happen.
22. Have some real money with a mortgage overhaul. N/A
No house for me!
23. Avoid fees and save postage. Check!
I don't write checks any more! My bank has free bill pay. The last two checks that I was writing regularly were my rent and my tithe, but a couple of months ago I ditched the checkbook (ok, not literally. It's still in my drawer, but I don't think I'll get new checks anytime soon, hopefully never.)
24. Have it delivered and save. N/AI don't get the paper, even for the coupons...I think with a one-person household there would be too many coupons!! (I'm saving trees by not getting the paper, right?!)
25. When you can’t buy…borrow. Check!
See #11 from yesterday.
So, did you get any new money saving ideas?! I'd love to hear about how you save money!
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