Monday, November 8, 2010

122 blog subscriptions

Yes, I currently subscribe to 122 blogs and am always adding more. No, I don't read everything that is posted; I do, however, stay as current as possible.

How do I do it? Two words:

One of the blogs I subscribe to and generally obtain a lot of useful information from is written by the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, Michael Hyatt. Not sure how I found his blog, but I really do get a lot out of his posts. He regularly challenges me to think, to learn, to read and much more.

I tell people all the time they should use Google Reader. I've thought of posting step-by-step instructions (in fact I found a draft I started about 2 months ago but never published!), but now I don't have to!

Michael Hyatt has written a post for me (ahem, YOU!). Go here to see how it's done!

Would love to hear back from you if you're now a Google Reader user or if you have some other format that works for you!
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