Tuesday, November 2, 2010

busy month

Yeah! it's finally November!! (November 2nd, to be exact. Did you vote?!!!) October was such a busy month with an event or two or three every weekend!

Oct 2 - Sunday dinner at new friends from church

Oct 9/10 - Client event for work at Chanhassen Dinner Theater (missed a Deo Cantamus Rehearsal); attended my nephew's last Sunday afternoon soccer game

Oct 15/16 - attended (free) play @ PAC in Burnsville with Lindsay; Deo Cantamus Rehearsal

Oct 22/23/24 - two Deo Cantamus Rehearsals and the Concert; work reception desk at church during SS and help in nursery for pm service

You can listen to 6 songs from our concert here: http://www.youtube.com/user/DeoCantamus. The world premier of Josh Bauder's Psalm 149 was especially well received.

Oct 29/30/31 - entertained my niece overnight - watch movies, clean out my car and did some shopping; celebrated my sister's 37th birthday; attended (free) play @ Theater in the Round with Lindsay, again!

...and that was just the weekends!

Oh, yes, work has been super busy too! It seems like in the fall (right after Labor Day to be precise) everyone decides to do the business that was recommended to them over the past 6+ months. Which means lots of processing or form re-generating because the original paperwork is outdated...

One thing I was looking forward to at work was the tour of our new building! We aren't moving until Fall 2011, but we got to tour the new facilities a few weeks ago. Here's a link to the buildings' website: http://701executivesuites.com/facilities.html and a collage of views from pics I took on the 15th floor:

I've been wanting to make my plans for Thanksgiving, but just wanted to get through October! Now that I've written it out here and review the pics from this month, it doesn't seem like that much, then again, maybe it does.

So, what are your Thanksgiving plans?!
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