Thursday, September 16, 2010

window to my work world

Conversation* with Male Co-Worker Today

CO-WORKER (via speakerphone): Could you come in here?

ME: Uh, what’s up?

CW: Could you just come in, so I can ask you something. I need your help…

ME (walking to his office): I’m not going to help you with your Facebook issues…

CW: No, it’s not that… I just want to know… My wife won a contest on this site (points to screen) and there are all these comments! What?! do people really spend all day commenting on websites?! Is this like another Facebook site? Do they really have to sign up and log in to comment on these things?! Do these people not have a life that they can sit around and make comments about my wife’s recipe?!

ME: [I couldn’t help it! I just laughed at him…]

Later that day…

CW: I just want you to know that [name redacted] agrees with me. After I spoke with him, I concluded that FB is a female thing. You made me feel like I didn't know about stuff, but he doesn't read blogs either. I know I’m right. He agrees with me.

ME: [no comment, just a smirk…what could I say?! It was two against one!]

*This conversation is not verbatim, nor is it transcribed in its entirety. Due to my memory skills, the essence of the conversation is given for your amusement.

Note to self: Remember when you read 5 Things to NEVER Do on Your Blog the other day? #2 was NEVER tell your employer you have a blog. I think this is wise advise... :0) 
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