Saturday, September 11, 2010

friends from far

Guam Danna and her 4 kids planned a 6 hour layover at MSP with some online friends. When I saw a fb status about it, I jumped in and said I would love to see them too! I hadn't seen Danna since I left Guam in '01, and that was when she only had one child! Her husband, Abe, was unable to make this trip as he was preparing for a work trip that would take him around the world, well, at least to Europe and Asia and a few other places, I can't remember!

Anyway, we met at the Mall of America and enjoyed dinner at Tucci Manuchi or something like was especially yummy Italian food since I had skipped lunch to finish work early and meet up with them as soon as possible!! Danna's online friends were lovely and they brought some of their kids. Danna's kids enjoyed making new friends; it was fun to get to know her kids too!! Little Leslie warmed up to me after her brothers each found a buddy and she was left with no friend. She decided I could be her friend :0)

Nathan & Steven
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