Wednesday, September 8, 2010

indoor plants

So this spring I received a plant from my aunt's funeral. It was a leafy green plant, very full! I did really well with it until I left for a 10-day trip to Indiana to meet Lily...I overwatered it. It's been dying a slow death ever since.
So full and green!!

Another plant that I lost this year was a beautiful flowering plant I had outside my bedroom window. I had picked it up at garden center outside of Rainbow this summer because I thought it would make me smile when I left for work in the morning and when I came home at night. However, because it did not get enough water and was in direct sunlight for most of the day, the day before I came home from my 10 days away, it blew over and out of the planter. It died a much quicker death...

This is probably when I should point out that my mom has a very green thumb and would be very disappointed in my history of plant caretaking. I remember always having plants in our house growing up and we had a garden for the years we lived on Fremont.

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Why I didn't pick up on the green thumb skills, I don't know. You may recall, I did try a little patio garden a couple of years ago and was fairly successful, but this year was not my year, I guess.

I went shopping recently with a friend who was looking for classroom plants. We were quite the pair...neither of us knowing anything much about what kind to get. If I remember right, she settled on a money tree and a lucky bamboo from Ikea. I'm eager to hear how they are working out for her!

So now I've done some research...

I've been contemplating getting a mum plant to replace my outside flowers but I haven't gotten around to it. With the change in weather lately, I'm not sure there's enough time to really enjoy it. If it's nice this weekend, I think I'll have to go plant shopping. Also, today I was looking around my cube decided that I needed something green to brighten it up. For my low light office cube, I found this website and this one. I think I'm convinced that a lucky bamboo plant will work best for my skills.

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