Saturday, January 30, 2010

100th post

Update 1/31/10: So I realized I left off a few things...I've added them below.

Well, my Dashboard says that this is my 100th post so I should probably make it a good one, eh? I have a "New Years" letter that I've been meaning to post, but I haven't actually mailed it to anyone except my immediate family so I'm going to hold off for a little while.

Speaking of getting things done, here are a few things I need to do in the next couple of weeks (in no particular order), but they should be done before the middle/end of February:
  1. Order Internet cable - hooking up my cell phone to my computer for internet is just not cutting it anymore for me.
  2. Take a day off of work.
  3. Finish my taxes - I started, but stopped when I got to the point of entering my PartyLite stuff...this is out of my scope of knowledge. Hopefully I can dive in and figure it out soon...I'm eager for the return $$.
  4. Join a gym.
  5. Go tanning. I'm tired of Minnesota Winter White and need a little color in my world. Thought this would be a nice pick me up!
  6. Send out my "New Years" letter...oh, I did mention that already, didn't I?
  7. Go to doctor for routine checkup. Ok, so it's not routine for me, but they say it should be...
  8. Sign up for individual health insurance. My company is not offering group insurance anymore. This is also the reason for #6. The new company is going to want to see some medical records and I don't have any since I've been in Minnesota.
  9. Start planning vacation time: Trip to my parents (spring). Trip to Jake & Meg's to see Baby Jake (late summer). Trip to ______? Got any ideas?
  10. Prepare for PartyLite show for a friend this next week & work on planning my own PartyLite show. Who want's to come to my house for a party?!
  11. Buy new phone. Found out this weekend that mine has problems. I was able to fix them, I think, but it makes me nervous! Especially since this is my only source of telecommunication with the outside world. Maybe I should look into a land line...?
  12. Install showerhead I got for free from Xcel Energy...they sent me a survey by mistake and I still go the free showerhead for turning in the survey!
  13. Debt Elimination Destination 2011. This won't happen in Feburary obviously, so I think I'll blog on that more at a later date. I'm putting it on this list b/c I want to keep it in focus! I'm soooo close, but I have to stay focused!!
So what's on your TO DO list?
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