Sunday, July 12, 2009

this and that...time to catch up, continued

As promised I'm working on posting some pics and happenings that I'm very late in blogging about:

Kitchen Happenings
Back in April, I think, I was cooking dinner for me and Jess one night. When I glanced in the oven where I had chicken baking, I noticed a shadow in the middle of the pan, but didn't think anything about it really...until I took a second look, that is. Here's what I found:

From Pampered Chef Stone

Note: this large bar pan is a stone from Pampered Chef and is generally under warrenty, but of course, I've had the pan longer than the warrenty covers... :( I did end up ordering another one since I've been lost in my kitchen without it! I used it for everything!!

More to come!
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