Friday, June 26, 2009

this and that...time to catch up!

So it's been a while since my last post (and a sorry post at that!)...Well, I borrowed Jess's laptop and am now chillin' at Caribou with an Irish Breakfast iced tea - delicious! :) I mainly needed the laptop to do some work online with my latest venture -- I'll get to that in a bit, but let's roll back to oh, April...

April was a busy month with Jess's wedding preparations and such and me packing. Mom came up for a visit around the time of Jess's church wedding shower. We had a great time. This was mom's second visit by herself. I think she's getting a little independent - what do you think of that, Dad? ;-)

May was an even busier month than April. I actually had to finish packing and also move! Moving day was a cinch! I got up at 6 am and made sure everything was organized and ready to move. I had arranged for people to come at 9, but I was ready by 8:30 - bring on the mover helpers! I actually had a plethora of help. It was great! It took an hour and a half to load and unload 6 vehicles.

The moving day was all without the help of Jess who had ditched me for Luke's graduation weekend in Pennsylvania. She did leave behind her dear friend, Liz who came with a two special bonuses: Liz's dad and Liz's truck! Their great engineering skills allowed for almost everything to be brought over in one trip (and a total of 6 vehicles).

Those who could stay ate some pizza and crowded around my lil table and chairs that I got from some friends, Heidi & Josh Boyd. I was very excited when Heidi showed up to help and said that she had loaded the table and chairs in another friend's van already. What a blessing!

So after the pizza and fellowship, Liz came back to help me unpack. We were completely unpacked by 3:30 that afternoon.

And now you'll have to wait for the continuation of this...Caribou is closing!

(Don't worry, I'm gonna post some pics soon too!)


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