Saturday, February 28, 2009

list maker's success story

I got to cross off two major things from my TO DO list, all in one weekend!

My weekend started out by leaving work on Friday and meeting my new landlord to sign the lease. Yep, you heard me: I signed a lease for my new apartment! This is exciting news considering it was about 10 days ago that I made the call to see about availability and probably two weeks ago that I started digging around the internet for leads on a new place. In case you forgot, or don't know, I have to move b/c my sister's getting married!

I didn't end up needing the internet's assistance b/c I got a sweet deal of a place with Christian landlords and neighbors to boot! In fact, it's b/c of my SIL's sister Lindsay! that I found my new place. Lindsay! shares one of the upstairs apartments with another friend from church (Elizabeth) and my hairdresser (Megan) and another church friend (Sarah) share the other upstairs apartment. Now we just need someone we know to move across the hall from me! So do we have any takers out there?! Yes? Maybe? OK, at least think about it, will ya?!

The apartment is in the same area that I currently live, so that is reassuring to me. The one-bedroom apartment is just my size. The nice living space with an open kitchen/living room area has lovely hardwood (or hardwood-like) and tiled floors. The kitchen will have a new counter top by the time I move in and there's a small bathroom and plenty of closet space (I hope). I can't wait to decorate! Oh, and there's a laundry area just next door to my apartment. I'm used to having the washer/dryer just outside my room so I'm not really giving up anything here!

So my weekend continued with an evening of celebrating by myself. Jess was coaching at a basketball tournament so she was a little preoccupied. Then on Saturday I enjoyed sleeping in until I had to go sing for four hours. Yes, 4 hours! My Deo Cantamus group has a concert the end of March so we have lots to work on (German, Latin, etc.). We did break for lunch and I joined a new(er) friend, Char, for lunch at D'amicos & Sons. D'amico's is a place I had never been. We each had the salad sampler and of course it was delicious. We didn't have time to enjoy all of it b/c we had to hurry back to our practice. A fellow singer had already given us a hard time about probably being late so we felt a little guilty, but not much!

Later this afternoon I headed to the mall to do a little bridesmaid* dress shopping. I wanted to get one attempt under my belt since this is not something I looked forward to and thought the final purchase would take several different excursions. Well, little did I know that I would find two options after trying only only four dresses! As they say in my country, "Sometimes JCP come through for you!"--right, Jess?! ;) I haven't tried on the dresses for anyone else, so I may need a couple of sister-opinions to seal the deal, but I'm just excited that I have options! :)

Tomorrow is going to be a full day as well. After church Lindsay! and I are heading to a farewell performance of Topel. Who's Topel, you say? Well, you didn't say if you are a Fiddler on the Roof fan**. As a young girl I watched Fiddler on the Roof many, many times. I don't think I could sit through the movie again (in one sitting), but I'm excited to see it live and in person! After an afternoon of singing***, guess what I'll do before our evening service? Yep, I'll be at choir practice! :)

All in all, a very successful weekend for one list maker who, this time, didn't even have to add things to her list in order to cross them off!

Edit Sunday, March 1: Lindsay! and I didn't get to attend Fiddler's as planned. When we got there the tickets were all sold out! We discussed how maybe if we had left right after church to go we would have made it in time, but then consoled ourselves with the fact that even if we had waited in line they still might have been sold out by the time we got to the front...

*Jess has given us 7 bridesmaids pretty much just one stipulation for our dresses: black.
**I'm not really a fan per se b/c I didn't know about it being Topel's farewell tour until after we made the decision to go see the performance...
***Did you know I liked singing so much?!
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