Thursday, February 26, 2009

in boxes and such

Just a few things I like and a few things I've read lately...

  • This blog post about having a physical InBox feeds my inner-organizer. I'm not even sure how I stumbled on this blog, but he's also got interesting things to say here about not checking email all day long. I'm not totally cured yet, but I like the idea and think it will help with my productivity. So for now, I'm just working on checking it less.
  • This lazy guy has some investing info that is food for thought about his recent investment reality. I've learned a little about saving money and other stuff from him. You should add him to your Google Reader.
  • For the first time I did my own taxes this year. I learned a little and enjoyed it a lot.
  • Due to my recent interest in taxes and such, this guy at No Debt Plan has some more thoughts on saving money.
  • I wish I could make bread like this lady. I've really only tried once, or maybe twice, to make yeast bread without a bread machine. It wasn't pretty so, of course, I gave up. (I can't wait to try some, warm oatmeal bread that should be done in about 2 hrs and 47 min!).

Hope you enjoyed these links! Now, what are you reading these days?

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