Monday, February 16, 2009

sweet valentines

My Valentines weekend was spent with three little Valentines: Niece Morgen and Nephews Carsten & Ethan.

The beloveds were dropped off around 5:15 on Valentine's eve and we enjoyed a delicious favorite: hot dogs and mac & cheese (with sides of pickles and candy). Games and movies followed the gourmet dinner and soon it was time for bed. Eagerly books were selected and beds claimed. Instructions were issued and promises made. To bed, I said. Yes, Bekah, was replied. Ethan the only one who complied. Hours later lights and heads were off. (Ok, not the heads, but you get the idea...)

In the morning everyone was early to rise. Me in hopes that Morgen & Carsten would sleep a little longer while Ethan downed a morning slushie (it was milk, really). But the heads rose up and Morgen found the lights. Quick like a flash, I doused the bright sight--my desire that at least one would stay sleeping for me would not come true. Alas all were up by 30 past 7 and we shared a replay of the previous evening's movie of choice.

All in all a good time had--especially when they left by 10 and I went back to the sweet smell of roses! (Jen brought me a lovely bouquet and gift card.)

Was your Valentine's weekend this sweet?

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