Sunday, November 2, 2008

deo cantamus concert

You may recall that previously I claimed to "know latin", but let me confirm that once again I have proven not to be a linquist. I was able to demonstrate this skill last night at my third Deo Cantamus concert. Overall the concert was a success, as God was honored through the music we sang and our guest pianist played. It was personnally successful as I only messed up a few times in the Magnificat...hopefully very quietly...I just can't seem to get the latin syllables out in time with the notes! Thankfully we ended the concert with several sacred songs with words that I could pronounce.

Part One-Deo Cantamus Choral
Magnificat.....Giovanni Battista Pergolesi(1710-1736)
I. Magnificat (My Soul Doth Magnify God)
II. Et Misericordia(And His Mercy Is Upon Them)......Kristin Jorgenson, soprano and Jan Beacham, contralto
III. Deposuit Potentes (He Hath Put Down the Mighty)
IV. Suscepit Israel(He Hath Helped Israel)......John Weigel, tenor and Jeff Erickson, baritone
V. Sicut Locutus Est (As It Was Promised)
VI. Sicut Erat In Principio (As It Was in the Beginning)

Part Two-Nathan Burggraff, Pianist
Be Still, My Soul
Eight Fantasias on Two Themes by Sibelius.....Arr. by George Yurick
I. Prologue: Birth
II. Lullaby: Childhood
III. Fantasia: Youth
IV. Aria: Love
V. Waltz: Dance of Life
VI. Ballade: Reflections
VII. Chorale: Death and Transfiguration
VIII. Epilogue

Part Three-Deo Cantamus Choral; Nathan Burggraff, Pianist; Joanna Yi, Violinist
Jesus Paid It All.....Arr. by Robert Sterling
A Mighty Fortress.....Arr. by Nathan Burggraff
Be Thou My Vision.....Arr. by Dan Forrest
The Thrill of Knowing Jesus.....Arr. by Joanna Yi
Great Is Thy Faithfulness.....William M. Runyan
Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing.....Arr. by Mack Wilberg

Deo Cantamus Theme Song
Do Not I Love Thee, O My Lord?.....Craig Curry

Enjoy the pics from our warm-up and a couple from the actual concert:
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