Saturday, October 18, 2008

regions hospital - adam (age 18)

My first trip to downtown St. Paul by myself was to visit my coworker and her son. Mary's son, Adam, was in the hospital because of a car accident where he was a passenger. The accident happened in St Paul on Sunday afternoon, Oct 7th. He suffered internal injuries and his right hip/pelvis was shattered. The hip was repaired in an 8-hour surgery with 23 pins and 5 plates. He went home after 10 days in the hospital, but it will take months for him to recover.

I was able to visit Adam, Mary and their family in the hospital three times the first week he was in the hospital. Mary hasn't been back to work since the accident. She didn't leave the hospital except to shower a few times and, I think, 2 nights out of 10 to sleep in her own bed. I'm sure she's glad to be at home in her own bed now, but we still don't know when she'll be back to work.

Adam's Caring Bridge site.

edit 11/2/08: four weeks after the accident my co-worker is still not back to work. She's still at home taking care of her son. Pray for the family as they adjust and that they will be able to schedule someone to take care of Adam so Mary can come back to work.
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