Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i know busy

Events of Jake & Meg's Wedding Week:

Saturday, July 19th
Jake arrived sometime after midnight, so technically he got here on Saturday :) Anna's plane was supposed to arrive at 10:45 am so Morgen spent the night at me & Jess's house. Anna's delayed flight caused us to have to entertain Morgen for most of the day, but we had a good time (especially whenever Anna would call and we'd have to make sure Morgen was quiet--Anna didn't know she was coming with us to get her).

On the ride to the airport Morgen was quiet in the back and told me she was "just chillin'" -- that made me smile. Then because of her quiet, I asked her what she was thinking about and she said, "Anna." Ahhh...

The plan was then to go to a Twins game with my siblings & Tuttles. We enjoyed the Twins win. Carsten especially loved watching the "bae-ball game".

Sunday, July 20th
A great day in church and a delicious ham dinner at our house, minus Jake & Meg. Meg's last single Sunday was spent enjoying her mom's homecooked dinner and hanging with her family. (I forgot to mention that Emily, Meg's sister, also arrived on Saturday).

My parents and Stetsen (a.k.a. Dog) arrived at Jen & Erics late Sunday night. They made the 9, 10-hour drive after their church's afternoon service.

Monday, July 21st
I had to work, but my parents enjoyed the day with the Markgrafs. The had a picnic downtown and then mom got to come see where I worked! Mom was the last one to see me at "the Box"!

Monday evening the Flamings & Tuttles joined the Markgrafs for grilled chicken, corn on the cob and all the fixin's. We also had delicious Oreo cookie dessert or strawberry rhubarb jello pie...yum, yum!

Tuesday, July 22nd
My last day of work for the week. Jess, Jen, Anna, & Mom went to get pedicures AND at the last minute talked Jake into getting one too! Dad went golfing. We hung out at Jen's and had pizza for the evening.

Wednesday, July 23rd
I'm off today! Jen, Anna & I did a little shopping in Albertville. We had tacos for dinner at The Condo. We also went to church and then "helped" Meg set up the decorations for the auditorium. The Tuttles invited everyone over for ice cream after we were done.

Thursday, July 25th
I'm off today, too! Thursday began slowly for me. I enjoyed getting ready at a leisurely pace and then ended up giving the Dog a bath for reasons I won't mention. Then I proceeded to the church where the decorating had already commenced.

Thursday evening Sue arrived with the food for the rehearsal dinner. Sue's my good friend and former catering boss from Upper Krust in Watertown, WI. After getting the food situated, we headed back to The Condo to catch up and hang out with my parents and Jess.

Friday, July 25th
Friday started early after chatting late in the night with Sue. She headed out by 7am to drive up to Bimiji, MN where her youngest brother lives.

Everyone met at the Tuttles for Brunch. It was supposed to be a ladies Bridal Brunch, but somehow the men got invited too. We were also going to enjoy egg bake, fruit, and Meg-baked scones on the patio, but the weather didn't cooperate. We did get a chance to meet many of the the Tuttle's extened family and a couple of Jake's groomsmen and their wives were there too.

I was able to get the bridesmaids (a.k.a. sisters) together for a photo op:

More events & pictures to come...
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