Friday, August 1, 2008

i know busy, part b

As promised here's a few more pics and details of Jake & Meg's wedding week!

Backing up a bit...

Thursday, July 24th
In the middle of the Reception decorating, Uncle Mel & Aunt Arlene (dad's sister) arrived. They helped us get the Rehearsal Dinner room set up.

That evening we went out for Chinese. Notice Morgen & Carsten practicing their "thumbs up/wink" routine:

Friday, July 15th
After the Brunch my mom and dad went to the airport to pick up mom's sister, Carol Jean. Meg, Emily, Jess & I went to get our nails done. We met back at The Condo to visit with the family.

Rehearsal for the wedding started at 5 so I headed to the church around 4 to get dinner preparations started. We were blessed to have a friend from church, Aleta, help with the set up, serving and clean up. I was thankful that I only had to cut the 8 different pies and get the turkey in the oven to heat it.

From what I hear everyone enjoyed the delicious dinner that Sue made for us. Turkey & gravy sandwiches, Upper Krust's famous pasta, and of course, pie! We had cherry, carmel apple, fudge pecan, strawberry rhubarb, regular pecan, tollhouse, and ozark mt berry.I know they were all delicious because we had only a few slices left.

Saturday, July 26th
Well, they're married (Do we need to say more?). Here's a few pics from the day, starting with hair at 6:30 am:

After the wedding we gathered at Jen's for a little R & R and catching up with the aunts and uncles.

Sunday, July 27th
Jess took Anna to the airport and we had another great day at church (just ask Carol Jean; she went three times in one day! :-)

We had leftover rehearsal dinner food for lunch at the Condo and then Mom, Jen, Jess, Carol Jean, Ethan, and I headed to the General Store. A couple of sisters had been there before and also wanted to take mom (it never worked into the schedule at Christmas). Dad babysat Morgen and I think Eric had Carsten, but I'm starting to forget it's been so long...

We said our goodbyes to Dad, Mom & Carol Jean since they headed out Monday morning at 4 am. They did stop at the Condo for Stetson and I did hear the door, but it was too early to get up and say goodbye!
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