Friday, February 28, 2014

{We, the Savers} February Question

Before I get to the actual post, I have to share a piece of exciting news! For last month's We, the Savers' post, I won $100! I can hardly believe it, but it's true!! I was one of four grand prize winners! I think that was my first paid writing gig! What blessing! I am thrilled! So here's hoping for another $100! Enjoy! :-)

Winter's been rough. Let’s hear about your spring/summer vacay plans & how you're saving up to make them happen.

To say "winter's been rough" is an understatement for most of us around the country this year. From subzero temps for days on end, to piles and piles of snow, we've had more than our fair share of winter. But what can we do? It's not like complaining will help. Neither will posting the daily temp on Facebook - um, not that I've been guilty of that...gulp!

So what *can* we do about the rough winter? We make plans for spring, of course! Well, in Minnesota, we plan for a few weeks of summer more than spring, because, let's face it, this part of the country doesn't really get much spring. And it certainly doesn't come on March 20th! More like May 20th - ha!!

But since other parts of the country get spring, we Minnesotans still like to talk about spring and plan for Spring Break Vacations. In fact, I'm planning a vacation of my own this year.

It so happens that my brother lives near a balmy beach in North Carolina. It also so happens that mid-January I booked a flight to visit him during his Spring Break. He's a teacher so he still gets one of those, you see. And you can trust me when I say, the countdown has begun!

I'm very blessed to have been able to pay cash for my ticket due to a very nice bonus that I received at the end of 2013. However, there are more expenses for a vacation than just airfare, as you know. To pay for the extra expenses, I plan to also use funds from one of my three CapitalOne 360 Savings account, my Travel Fund.

My Travel Fund could also be labeled my "Go see Lily and Ella" fund. My two nieces are the main reason for my trip and I couldn't be happier to spend the money! I get to see them once, maybe twice a year, so I'm very excited about this upcoming trip to see them (and my brother and sister-in-law).

So how do I build my Travel Fund? Very easily: I have set up automatic transfers each month from my checking account. This is really the only way to go. If something is this easy, then it's much more likely that you'll do it!

What are you saving for this spring? What's getting you through this rough winter? For me it's Spring Break, don't-cha know?!

Bekah was born in Kansas, raised in Wisconsin, and lived three years on Guam. Her Midwest roots go deep though, since she has been a Minnesota resident for almost seven years. Bekah commits daily to serve God, to be healthy, and strives to be financially fit.

This post was originally written in order to participate in CapitalOne 360s WE the SAVERS's blog contest.
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