Tuesday, August 13, 2013

{A Year Ago} On Not the Last to Know

This day in {my} history, plus pictures that I may not have ever posted.



Morgen spent the night last night. We woke up around 8. I started to do laundry but the coin mechanism got stuck on the machine after the first load so I called the landlord to fix it. She assured me they would fix it that morning, but they didn't until the afternoon.

Since I couldn't do laundry we headed out to do lunch and ended up stopping at Quiznos for subs. We thought about eating our subs at a park but saw a grassy, park area across the way that had tables set up for chess/checkers next to a pond with a waterfall. We enjoyed the sunny picnic and then walked over to Home Depot. I got some nice flowers to replace my dead flowers that had been dead for a few weeks. We then stopped at the library and picked up a ton of DVDs for Morgen.

We got home and it was really starting to get hot. We headed out to quickly change out my dead flowers for the new ones and ended up getting locked out of my building. Thankfully my neighbor was home so we could get back in.

Once we got in we worked on getting cooled off and Morgen enjoyed her Cinderella movies while I snoozed on the couch :)
Luke called during one of my cat naps and we made plans to go bowling. Lindsay has a groupon for free bowling for an hour that's good until Oct. I think we've only gone 2 or 3 times so we need to do it more!

Jess served brownies and coffee at their place after bowling while we watched a little pre-season football and chit-chatted a bit.


What did you do last year on this day?
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