Wednesday, July 10, 2013

{A Year Ago} on Not the Last to Know

This day in {my} history.


  • Here's an update from the last few days. We haven't really put out much info b/c it keeps changing and/or we're waiting for test results, but bottom line is mom isn't feeling well (nauseated) and is at the hospital right now.
    • July 8, 2012
      • Got a text early evening from Mom that she was at ER with shortness of breath. Shortness of breath is something she’s been dealing with since she first was sick, but it really is wearing on her.
      • While in ER they determined the shortness of breath was from 1/4th her lungs being filled with fluid and they also took a CT scan (which she was probably going to have done on Tuesday at a Pulmonologist appointment. July 10th was the earliest she could get in when scheduled 2 weeks ago).
      • The CT Scan was supposed to locate the fluid so they could know best where to drain it from. They attempted 3 times to drain it but were not successful so they called in a surgeon (who would use a bigger needle – yikes!). When the surgeon finally came he decided not to do the draining until Monday morning when they could use a sonogram so they didn’t puncture the liver
      • Also waiting to hear from a doctor about when she can have a biopsy of a 3” cyst they found on her pancreas in the CT scan. 
      • She went home for the night.
    • July 9, 2012
      • Mom returned to doctor today and had the fluid drained. They are sending the fluid off for testing. Results will take a week. Jen drove over yesterday morning with Morgen.
      • Thankfully the fluid draining as helped her feel a bit better except for nausea that she is dealing with.
    • July 10, 2012
      • Pulmonologist appointment at 11am which had been scheduled for about 2 weeks. He reviewed all her xrays and did some blood work. Tomorrow she's supposed to call him for preliminary results. 
      • Cyst is most likely from Anti Fungal medicine so she's no longer taking that.
      • Jen was there to help ask questions but they really didn't learn anything. Just have to wait for test results.
      • Jen left late afternoon. Mom was uncomfortable, couldn't get rest, but there wasn't anything Jen could do. Anna was on her way with a couple of hours of driving left. About an hour or so after Jen left, Mom asked Dad to take her to Duluth to the hospital. They made it north of town and got 2 flat tires. After they waiting for roadside assistance, Mom went home. 
      • Anna drove them to the hospital in Duluth once she arrived. They waited a while to be seen by a doctor and last I heard they were in with the doctor still.
  • Other Events This Week
    • Two of Jess's kids had dental surgery:  V (1yr) on Monday (he’s recovering nicely) and E (3yr) Tuesday (also recovering well, but he's hurting still tonight and missing his birth parents. They were there for the surgery.
    • Jake's are flying in for Meg's sister’s wedding on Friday the 13th! They were supposed to get in tonight but their flight has been delayed several times (mechanical, then weather). They're hoping to get to Atlanta tonight so they can get a flight here first thing tomorrow.
    • Mom and Dad moving - they were hoping to get in Friday or Saturday, but the new carpet and painting might not be done yet. Dad was hoping to get the big stuff moved this weekend with help from church people and just move the rest as needed. They have the house until the end of the month.




Trip to Indiana via Lake Geneva, WI - one of my favorite places in the world!



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