Sunday, June 9, 2013

{A Year Ago} on Not the Last to Know

This day in {my} history.

Happy Birthday, Dear, Anna!


  • Morgen spent the night. We took Lindsay out for coffee around 9:30 for her birthday. I had asked Lindsay on her birthday when she wanted to go out for Birthday coffee and today was what worked for her. It was fun! The weather was perfect so we sat outside. Maybe a touch warm in the sun, but I enjoyed it a delicious cup of earl gray with cream and Splenda. Morgan and Lindsay had cold coffee drinks.
  • We had to get home before 11 so Lindsay could get ready for her church bridal shower. Morgen and I hung out for a bit at my place. We were going to pick up Jess and meet Jen at the shower. Jen, Jess and I bought Lindsay a crock pot. I helped Lindsay record her list of gifts so she could send out Thank You notes. 
Lindsay's Bridal Shower




What did you do last year on this day?
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