Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy 29th Birthday, Anna Grace!

This is a special day for my li'l cop sis', Anna. Today she turns 29. She's the last of us 5 kids to be in our 20s...hope she's enjoying it!!

29 Reasons Why I Love You, Anna Grace:
  1. You're my baby sister.
  2. You love God.
  3. You're brave, bold, and beautiful.
  4. You cut your hair short once but grew it out again (I'm trying to do that!).
  5. You finished 2 years of college, then 2 more.
  6. You love to read :)
  7. You're loyal.
  8. You're my friend.
  9. You tell it like it is and make no apologies for it.
  10. You take long road trips by yourself to see your family.
  11. You like guns and you know how to use them - yeah, you're a real-live, Annie-Get-Your-Gun-Oakley!
  12. You have good ideas.
  13. You drink coffee.
  14. You're our runway model (uhh...that's code for something else ;)
  15. You like Sarah Palin.
  16. You're our nieces' and nephews' 2nd favorite :P
  17. You're passionate about your police work.
  18. You love Notre Dame football.
  19. You let me call you least, I think you do :)
  20. You taught yourself how to play the guitar - and you're good at it!
  21. You're the Boss.
  22. You, Jess, and Jake used to count the days until Jen and I came home from college.
  23. You've made tough decisions and help me make some of mine. 
  24. You're not afraid to try new things.
  25. You save money.
  26. You used to play dress up...but the end result did not mean you were completely dressed!
  27. Someday you'll be Mayor of Carmel!
  28. You kick butt and then take names!
  29. You've got Bridgewater eyes.
Happy Birthday, Anna!!!!

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