Saturday, May 4, 2013

{Cold Walk} for Metro Women's Center

For just over a month I've been getting the word out about a walk I would be participating in to raise money for a WORTHY ~ CAUSE. With rain and cold in the weather predictions, it wasn't looking like it would be a good day for a walk. Thankfully it didn't rain during the walk, and we were able to add a few layers to try to stay warm -ish.

This year Morgen and Ethan joined me for the walk. They were troopers. I asked them a couple of times on the walk how they were doing, and at one point said, "You guys are slowing up. Are you doing okay?" They replied with, "'re slowing up!" and sprinted ahead. Yeah, that's the spirit!! :-)

From what I can see online $3,550 was raised before the event. At the event I saw many change-filled baby bottles brought in and people writing checks, so it looks to me like the event will be a success.

If you want to learn more about the Metro Women's Center and the Amazing Grace Home click here:

It's a tradition to take pics at the end of the walk!  

 Morgen and Ethan were troopers!

 Highlight of the event was getting your face painted!

We had to wait around for the clowns to return - they were gone when we got back from the walk - but Morgen said it was worth the wait. She got a flower and also asked them to make Ethan a sword. He wouldn't go near the clowns. At. All.
A big Thank You to those who have donated in the past and to those who donated this year! I am $25 from reaching my goal of $450, so if you were thinking about donating, please click the DONATE button on the left. 

UPDATE: I hit the publish button on this post and not 5 minutes later, I had an email from FirstGiving that a friend had made a donation which put me $50 over my goal! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!
If you weren't able to donate, there's always next year! But even if you can't do that, will you add Metro Women's Center to your prayer list? They do a lot of ministering to people on a daily basis and the staff and volunteers need God's strength to lift them up.
If you missed out on the event I hope you can join us next year! And if a mile is too far to walk, bring your bike! :)
God bless you!

UPDATE2: MWC posted some pics on facebook so I thought I'd share a few here:
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