Friday, May 10, 2013

{7 Things to Know}

This week’s edition of 7 Things to Know...

  1. I can't post pics with their faces or give you names of my foster nephews. It's really too bad. They. Are. Cute!
  2. My parents drove over Thursday to give Ethan his birthday card and hang out with us. It's nice that they live close and that they come see us a lot!
  3. My local sisters took my mom shopping on Friday morning for her Mother's Day gift. It was a successful venture.
  4. On Tuesday I finally went grocery shopping. It's always good to have a well-stocked larder. I make healthier choices when I don't eat on the run and when I have meals planned.
  5. Speaking of healthy choices - I worked out three times this week. I wanted it to be more, but I took a rest day on Tuesday (to go grocery shopping) and Thursday (to spend time with my family). I feel like the three times I did work out were productive: Monday-30 min elliptical; Wednesday-20 min circuit weights; Friday-20 min circuit weights (with more weights and reps than Wednesday), 10 min elliptical.
  6. My weekend plans keep changing but they include rest, family, and friends.
  7. I'll leave you with a couple of pics from a cool evening walk tonight with Jess, Luke, E, V, & F...

P.S. Stay tuned for birthday week! Tomorrow we start the celebrating!

Make it a great weekend!

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