Sunday, May 15, 2011

birthday week

MAY is typically a BUSY month for anyone, but add two family birthdays in one week and busy is taken to a new level!

The two-birthdays-in-one-week started three years ago when my nephew Ethan joined us. We celebrated his 3rd birthday this Sunday.

Of course there was a crowd of people (two families of my sister's clique who have a few kids each, plus uncle Luke and the aunts-Jess & me), a big lunch (pork roast - his favorite meat, can-you-believe-it?!), lots of presents (race cars, race tracks, $, etc., etc.), and of course, cake -- a chocolate, dinosaur cake!

This picture captures the essence of the birthday boy on his special day - he was so well behaved! He even said "excuse me" multiple times while he politely (and excitedly) played with his new toys (that he gets to share with his older brother)!

Three of the Many Reasons I Love You, Ethan:
  1. You're my one and only Bubba!
  2. You love to play "a phone on your game" (game on my cell phone) and ask to play ALL. THE. TIME.
  3. Your fun to hang out with so I do it a lot - I especially like reading books to you, especially We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

From the Archives: Enjoy a short stroll down memory lane with two old posts from MAY 2008 when Bubba joined the family. 

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