Friday, April 26, 2013

{simply Write 20thirteen} Project Busy

One of my goals for the past few years has been to blog, or write, more. With that goal in mind I've come up with a theme for this year: Simply Write 20Thirteen. In honor of that theme, I'm attempting to have some writing sessions where I just write for a set time. I hope to share some of these sessions with you here on the ol' blog.

4/24/13 9:30pm

I feel like most of my journal entries start out, "work was busy today" and I guess it's true, work is usually busy. I had a good day of work today - I was getting tasks accomplished and made progress on the client transition project. Progress, that is, until I found 8 households that weren't included on the original list. When I found those, I panicked and thought there could be more that I wasn't aware of. I bee-lined it to Boss1's office to tell him of my discovery and was met with laughter and "oh, yeah, I did move some households to [Advisor2] last year, but it wasn't very organized and didn't work like I planned, so I stopped." 

Just minutes before my discovery, I had faxed off about 10 change of rep forms each with lists of accounts to be changed. These forms had been created last week and had been waiting for me to finish putting the final touches to the lists. 

Now I would have to go through each of the discovered households, launch workflows, add each household's accounts to my master list, recreate forms, and then fax to however many companies that represented. I was a little blindsided and thrown off my game.

Fortunately, I was able to get it done before leaving after 6 tonight - no workout :(. Um, yeah, hadn't planned on working until 6, but once I get into something, I don't like to leave things half baked with crumbs all over my desk for the next day. 

(This project would usually be something I like, but it seems like there's a roller coaster drop at every turn that makes it seem endless. I'm trying to think positive least I'm further along than I was at this point last week. I've had the project for maybe a month, but it took awhile to have time to ramp up and get it going. There were a lot of little pieces to pull together and I really wanted to get it right the first time since the last project like this turned ugly and is still not done. 

Last year I started processing change of rep for Phase 1 clients of a retiring advisor. While most of the changes are now done, I had to start the Phase 2 list before Phase 1 was complete. This really bugged my project senses. We are currently down to a handful of policies and accounts to be changed, but there's not clear direction on how to get the stragglers cleaned up. I've been trying to meet with Boss1 for several months and it's just never worked out. I have been chipping away at the list, but I don't feel confident in how it went down and would really like to not replicate the pattern in this new client transition project that I'm now in the middle of. I guess another positive is that I have some experience to draw from and hopefully can spot potential hazards before they become out of control.)

I do feel like I overreacted to the additional households I discovered, and I'd like to blame it on the long day/s I had/have had lately. Poor excuse.

What projects are you working on? Do you have any project management tips for me?

This has taken me over an hour to write and proof. I hope I get faster at this!
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