Sunday, April 28, 2013

{A BMW and Bears, Oh My!} Day Trip to Spooner

On Saturday I headed to Spooner for the day with two sisters and a niece. We went for a ladies luncheon at Mom and Dad's church.

The four hour drive to/from Spooner is not usually very exciting, but since Morgen got sick on the way we thought we had our share of adventure for the day.

Turns out there were quite a few sites worth mentioning. I was the driver, so I didn't get any pics and it would have been hard to anyway as we didn't really stop to enjoy the sites. Read through to the end - worth it!

  • First up is the BMW we saw on the ice on a lake with a sign "Dunk the BMW"- apparently a contest...maybe guess the date it sinks...?

  • A dozen or more bear statutes carved out of tree trunks also caught our attention. Must be a tourist gimmick. Tell me, who really needs a bear statute?!

  • Oh, the bear cub crossing the highway definitely topped the bear statutes. The cub was cute and made it safely across. I can still hear myself exclaiming, "Bear! ...Bear! ...Bear!" as I was pointing him out on the side of the road. As we drove past I saw him in the rear view mirror get onto the highway and miss getting hit by any cars.

  • And the stretch limo heading east. Wonder who was enjoying the ride?!

  • A herd of deer in a field. Didn't know we were on a Midwestern safari!

  • A jet streaking the clear skies made a big X.

  • Then there was helicopter hovering above I-35.

  • And lastly, the roof top of the fore mentioned BMW. Yep, by the time we were on our way home, it had sunk!

I don't recall such a site-filled trip to or from little ol' Spooner before. This was one for the books - or at least a blog post!  :-)

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